Learn how high vehicle electrification may increase electricity demand in your county. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will share new state- and county- level scenarios of vehicle adoption, vehicle fuel (and electricity) consumption, and vehicle miles traveled by fuel type under reference and high -electrification scenarios through 2050 hosted on SLOPE.

Azzaba The transportation data for SLOPE was generated using NREL’s Transportation Energy & Mobility Pathway Options (TEMPO) model, which enables exploring pathway options to produce long-term scenarios that reach strategic transportation-energy-environment objectives and assess synergies with energy supply. The Department of Energy- supported SLOPE Platform provides jurisdictionally- resolved data on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and now sustainable transportation opportunities and the potential to support data-driven energy planning.

Speakers will include Megan Day, Chris Hoehne, and Arthur Yip from NREL.

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