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Natural gas buses accounted for 19% of all transit busses sold in 2010.


Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

Nearly 63,000 natural gas vehicles in service

Clean Cities coalitions have played an important role in the growing use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Recent coalition reports show that stakeholders displaced more than 215 million gallons of petroleum in 2012 by using some 63,000 natural gas vehicles. Of these vehicles, about 95% were powered by compressed natural gas (CNG); the rest were powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Itagüí Did you know? Natural gas transit buses represented nearly 19% of all transit buses sold in 2010. See a video case study showing how Philadelphia Clean Cities worked with the Lower Merion Township in Pennsylvania to place CNG buses in the city fleet. Did you know? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, CNG fleet vehicles in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Long Island, New York, were running strong despite power outages, interrupted gasoline and diesel fuel deliveries, and fuel shortages. These CNG projects were established with the help of the New Jersey Clean Cities coalition and Greater Long Island Clean Cities coalition.

Straelen Did you know? Nearly 40% of the refuse trucks sold in 2011 were equipped to operate on natural gas.* Refuse fleet managers choose these trucks because they save money on fuel; drivers and neighbors appreciate them because they’re much quieter than their diesel-powered counterparts. See this case study showing how the Sacramento Clean Cities coalition worked with the City of Sacramento, California, to replace its entire refuse fleet with 113 LNG-powered vehicles and to develop the fueling infrastructure to support them.

For more examples of CNG and LNG projects completed with help from Clean Cities coalitions, see the collection of case studies on the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

* NGVAmerica

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