Ride and drive events offer an opportunity for participants to experience the latest plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and can benefit your organization, as well as your event attendees. With more PEV models now available, many organizations are highlighting the technology by hosting a local ride and drive. Here are some reasons to consider hosting a ride and drive.

1. Engage and Expand Your Network

Outdoor events are highly visible and give you the opportunity to showcase your organization. With the right signage and promotion, you can interact with key players in your area and engage new stakeholders and consumers from your community.

2. Hands-on Experience

Taking a ride in a PEV, or getting behind the wheel, allows people to see first-hand what it’s like to own and drive a PEV. For some of your attendees, this may be their first encounter with an electric vehicle, so the event is an opportunity to get their questions answered.

3. Enhance Visibility in your Community

Public events can show that you are an active participant in your community. By hosting a public ride and drive, you have the opportunity to gain exposure and word-of-mouth marketing. Securing vehicles for the event from local dealers also gives you a chance to build those relationships.

4. Try Something New

The chance to test new technology and vehicles—whether they are powered by gasoline or electricity—is often fun for consumers. The smooth, quiet ride of PEVs makes for an enjoyable experience. Consumers are often pleasantly surprised by a PEV’s instant acceleration and to learn about the vehicle’s regenerative braking technology.

Ready to host a ride and drive?

– Check out the following resources for tips and best practices to ensure your event is a success!

Ride and Drive Kit: Use this resource created by Advanced Energy as a step-by-step guide for hosting a PEV experience. The kit provides an event checklist, press release template, and sample waiver and liability form. These resources can help get you started on the path to a successful event.

Ride and Drive Webinar: Watch this webinar to learn how on-site PEV ride and drive events can create value for your organization, your employees, and your community. Learn about the importance of creating PEV user experiences and find concrete ideas for pitching a Ride and Drive event to your management.