How are new shared mobility technologies being used in communities across the United States? How does usage vary among demographic groups and regions? 

This webinar will showcase the results of Argonne National Laboratory’s research on market and usage data for shared mobility technologies, including bikeshare, e-scooter, and transportation network companies, by mobility type and region.  

The researchers’ findings show a wide range in shared mobility usage per capita across the country, even within urban areas. Join this “Coffee with a Researcher” webinar to discuss strategies to improve accessibility for underserved communities and increase the usefulness of new mobility technologies beyond traditional locations. Also covered will be the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on overall ridership. 

This webinar series is open to coalitions and their stakeholders, and participants are encouraged to invite local and regional government or nonprofit partners that are interested in shifting and tracking travel patterns. To attend, register for this webinar with Zoom.