As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity, utilities and community planners are increasingly focused on building resilient energy systems that can support the added electrical load from EV charging.

But forecasting the best ways to adapt to increased EV charging can be a difficult task. Planners need to consider when consumers charge, how fast they charge, and where they charge, among other factors.

To support that effort, NREL researchers expanded the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection (EVI-Pro) Lite tool with more analytic capabilities.

Previously, the tool was limited to letting users estimate how many chargers and what kind of chargers a city, region, or state may need to support an influx of EVs. In an added online application, those same users can take it a step further to predict how that added EV charging will impact electricity demand, or load shapes, in their area at any given time. Learn more about recent expansions to the EVI-Pro Lite tool.

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