This “Coffee with a Researcher” webinar will focus on Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s work to collect critical data, develop specific performance metrics, and model curb space management scenarios to help municipalities and curb space managers optimize their space. The session will highlight ways municipalities can leverage the data and performance metrics to effectively assess their curb space allocation and enact appropriate technologies and policies. Clean Cities coalitions will also learn about ways to enable and support this work. 

As the mobility landscape evolves, researchers and municipalities are increasingly interested in curb planning and management. As demand for curb space grows, it is crucial that municipalities successfully define curb usage to support commercial vehicles, paid parking, bus transit, and transportation network companies (TNCs), to maximize efficiency, economic utility, and other performance metrics. Today’s technologies for data collection, such as digital payments and sensors, make curb modeling, testing, and policy design increasingly effective.  

This “Coffee with a Researcher” webinar series is open to coalitions and their stakeholders, and you are encouraged to invite local government partners, city planners, curb users (e.g., TNC companies), or others in your community that may be interested. To attend, register for this webinar with Zoom.