Image is a frame taken from a YouTube Clean Cities video showing alternative-fuel vehicles and the YouTube logo.

where to buy dapoxetine philippines With more than 100,000 views, Clean Cities’ educational videos are informing and serving the needs of transportation audiences. Clean Cities TV recently reached a landmark: 100,000 views. The YouTube Channel hosts more than 355 informational videos to help viewers reduce petroleum use, convert to alternative fuel vehicles, and make fuel economy improvements.

Clean Cities TV was launched by the program in 2012 to take advantage of the unique ability of the YouTube platform to reach a broad transportation audience.

Most of the videos provide an overview of a successful case study, sharing lessons learned and best practices. The videos offer a quick, easy way for companies, fleet managers, and those responsible for meeting state and local requirements to learn about the successes of others in pursuing sustainable transportation improvements. The ability to see and hear about real-world experiences from across the country on your laptop, phone, or tablet makes the videos an educational resource that is easily accessible at any time.

The videos are also an important tool used by Clean Cities coalitions to educate their communities and stakeholders about reducing petroleum in transportation. Coalitions share videos on their individual websites and social media accounts to distribute messages to local media and elected officials about the challenges and advantages of implementing alternative-fuel projects.

Topic areas or “playlists” of 14 different subjects, such as biodiesel and diesel vehicles, alternative fuel and vehicle efficiency, and natural gas and natural gas vehicles, let you search or browse for the videos that best meet your needs.

Many of the videos are produced in collaboration with MotorWeek, a televised automotive magazine that has a long-standing relationship with the Clean Cities program, and Maryland Public Television. The selection also includes videos developed by individual coalitions, Clean Cities training videos, and video coverage of Clean Cities strategy meetings.

A sample of videos on the top 10 viewer list include “Pennsylvania School Buses Run on Natural Gas,” “Electric Vehicles Shine at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb,” and “California School District Creates First-of-Its-Kind Zero-Emissions Bus.”

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Many of the videos are also available on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website, in the Case Studies section, at

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