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Clean Cities Top 20 Facts

More than a dozen tools help stakeholders deploy alternative fuels and vehicles

The success of the Clean Cities program over the past 20 years is possible in part because of a network of coalitions, stakeholders, and technical experts who collaborate to make an impact within local communities. Leveraging this network, Clean Cities is able to monitor trends in the marketplace, identify barriers to implementing projects, and develop solutions to these barriers.

These solutions include a set of more than a dozen easy-to-use online tools. These calculators, interactive maps, and data searches help fleets and drivers evaluate, select, and deploy alternative fuels and advanced vehicles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Below are a few examples of these great resources.

The Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool helps users evaluate options and develop a plan to reduce petroleum use. The tool allows you to set goals and then quantify the estimated energy, environmental, and cost benefits associated with a deployment of alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and efficiency measures.

The GREET Fleet Footprint Calculator can help calculate your fleet’s well-to-wheels petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions footprint, and estimate the reductions that would result from future vehicle purchases.

The Find a Car tool allows users to search for a vehicle by comparing fuel efficiency, annual fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and more. It includes vehicle models dating from the current year all the way back to 1984.

All of Clean Cities’ online tools are listed in one convenient, central location on the Alternative Fuels Data Center. In addition to those listed above, you’ll also find the Alternative Fueling Station Locator, BioFuels Atlas, the Light-Duty Vehicle Search, the Vehicle Cost Calculator, and the Laws and Incentives Search.

Many of Clean Cities’ tools are available as widgets so you can feature them on your own website. And to explore petroleum-saving strategies on your handheld device, see Clean Cities’ mobile tools.

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