Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) have emerged as one of the leading clean vehicle technologies being adopted by consumers and fleets. Transportation electrification is gaining recognition and momentum across the country as electric utilities of all size and type are planning for the coming market shift toward electric vehicles. Leading the way in many parts of the country are the nation’s electric cooperatives. Electric cooperatives are member-owned non-profit organizations that supply electricity to 42 million people, operate 42% of U.S. electric distribution infrastructure and serve 56% of the nation’s land area. Represented by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), electric cooperatives are developing the rates, programs, and business models that will facilitate the transportation electrification transition across much of the country.

With a history of more than 25 years, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) network of Clean Cities coalitions support the nation’s energy and economic security by building partnerships to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies. The national network of nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions brings together stakeholders in the public and private sectors to support the development of PEVs as well as other emerging transportation technologies, alternative fuels, and implementation of fuel saving measures (idle reduction campaigns) or technologies (telematics). According to Clean Cities Coalitions Annual Activity Reports, coalitions’ efforts have resulted in a cumulative energy impact equal to nearly 10 billion gasoline gallon equivalents. This energy impact encompasses progress in both reduced fuel use and increased fuel diversity. Tools and resources are available from DOE National Laboratories to help facilitate change in communities. Funding opportunities are also made available from DOE on an annual basis, pending budget approval from Congress.

Hear from planners and practitioners about Clean Cities coalitions’ efforts currently underway and gain a better understanding of this tremendous opportunity to partner. Learn more about the tools and resources, including funding, that are available from DOE and its National Laboratories to help facilitate change in your communities.

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