A graphic of various small blue vehicles with one larger, green car shown under a magnifying glass.

The Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search makes it easier than ever to browse alternative fuel vehicle and hybrid options.

Tired of slogging through Google results to find out what types of alternative fuel vehicles are available? If you’re in the market to green your fleet, then look no further than the new Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search, where searching for vehicles both large and small is simple.

With the launch of the Alternative Fuel Data Center’s new vehicle search, it is now easier than ever for fleet managers, and others considering ways to green their rides, to browse alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) and hybrid options. The search serves as a discovery tool to help transportation decision makers get a feel for the alternative options on the market before working with a particular manufacturer or choosing a specific fuel type.

The tool combines data from two previous vehicles searches—the Light-Duty Vehicle Search and the Heavy-Duty Vehicle and Engine Search—into a single powerful and streamlined database containing information about available light-, medium-, and heavy-duty AFVs, engines, and hybrid systems. By combining all vehicle results, the search helps managers with fleets made up of various types of vehicles quickly analyze and compare the data and inventory. The results, too, are displayed in a simple at-a-glance format with pictures and basic vehicle information, and can be filtered as desired by Fuel/Technology, Class/Type, and Manufacturer.

Other features of the tool include a “find a dealer” button for those interested in taking the next step to purchase or talk with someone about a vehicle, and a “download” option, which allows the user to generate a CSV file containing a list of results produced from a filtered search. The downloaded data can then be used to make a resource guide, or added into a fleet management report.

For more information, or to try the search, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center Vehicle Search.

  • Kendall Septon, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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