Programs & Projects

GRCC engages in a host of programs and projects throughout the year. For more information about active projects, please contact the GRCC Coordinator at . ​A Message from Greater Rochester Clean Cities Board President Anne Spaulding

On Behalf of the Greater Rochester Clean Cities (GRCC) coalition, I want express our hope that you and your family, employees, and friends are all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.

After a few months into the current Covid-19 ”new normal,” and with uncertainty ahead about the timing and nature of future restrictions, I would like to update our stakeholders and other supporters of the current status and future plans for GRCC during the 2020 program year in this brief newsletter.

Our plans for the current program year included several exciting initiatives. Some of these were a continuation of successful things we did last year and there were a couple of new ones that we are very excited about.

Outreach has always been a key part of our mission and this year is no exception. Our plans, under the ROC EV banner, included EV outreach at a number of events and venues. In January, we hosted a very successful Fleet Electrification Workshop with 50 attendees. We also participated in the St John Fisher Sustainability Fair later that month. In early March, we staffed a booth at the Greater Rochester Auto Show and had 200 attendees visit our booth to learn more about electric vehicles.

We had planned to collaborate with the New York State Electric Auto Association (NYSEAA) to sponsor a National Drive Electric Week Earth Day event in early May and had secured a booth for Fairport Canal Days in June. Both of these events have unfortunately been cancelled and will not take place until 2021. We had also planned to sponsor a major employee EV Ride and Drive at one of the major health organizations in June. That plan has been deferred at least until fall 2020. For the past 3 years, we have co-hosted the National Drive Electric Week at RIT with our partners, NYSEAA. That event is scheduled for late September 2020, so we are hopeful it can take place since it is a major event with 200 attendees and 100 people test driving electric cars.

Listening Sessions
Last year, in collaboration with the Central NY Clean Cities coalition, GRCC hosted 3 listening sessions at locations in Rochester and Syracuse. These focused on CNG, LPG and electric vehicles. The purpose of these sessions was to gather information from real world users of the various fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. They were well attended and popular with the stakeholders who participated. This year, we plan on collaboration with the Clean Cites coalition from Buffalo to hold sessions on LPG and electric vehicles. We are hopeful that these sessions can take place in the second half of 2020.

Targeted Coaching & Technical Assistance
This is one of two new GRCC activities this year and would consist of two components. One goal is to participate in coaching at least 10 employers on the processes, advantages, and costs of providing workplace charging for their employees. The second goal is to select and work with five local fleets on the development of fleet electrification for their organizations. Since these activities can be done at any time during the program year, we are confident we can achieve these objectives. Currently, we are developing materials and identifying potential partners.

Training and Education
This is the second of our new initiatives and also has two different training elements. The first is to develop an EV Awareness training module for sales staff at local auto dealers. The training module will offer an overview of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging that would be beyond the product-specific training provided from their respective manufacturers. A basic preliminary module has been developed and will be updated. We will be identifying interested dealers and will offer the training in person if possible or consider making it a webinar as an option. The second training activity is to develop a Community EV Readiness training module that will provide guidance to interested communities and other organizations for the development of EV infrastructure. This training will include best practices, equipment, codes, and permitting as well as site preparation. Our current plan is to offer this at the Fall Workshop of the Genesee Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council in the fall of 2020.

– – –

Since our organization does not have a brick and mortar office or multiple staff, we are relatively unaffected by the need for routine social distancing. Our coordinator, David Keefe works out of his home office and is still productive in moving our programs forward. Our board has held virtual meetings for the last two months.

Unhel We look forward to when we can re-engage with our stakeholders and supporters in special events, meetings and educational opportunities. We invite all of you to stay in touch and let us know if you have any interest in participating in any of our activities scheduled for this year.

Stay safe and healthy.