Where can I find statistics, maps, and projections related to alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and infrastructure?

The Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) Maps and Data website is a comprehensive resource for current and historical statistics related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. The site categorizes information into the following sections, or tabs: Vehicles, Fuels & Infrastructure, Laws & Incentives, Regulated Fleets, and Clean Cities.

The Clean Cities tab was recently updated based on the results of the 2011 annual report. By scrolling down or filtering the list on the right panel for each tab, you can select relevant maps and charts. The gray download button in the upper right corner of the figure viewing pane allows users to view the data in Excel spreadsheet format or copy the chart into a presentation or other document. Clicking on legend labels also adds or removes data from the chart for more specific comparisons. Lastly, the Maps and Data website includes links to relevant reports and data analyses from outside the AFDC.

In addition to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) statistics included on the AFDC Maps and Data website, EIA compiles information relating to alternative fuel and advanced vehicles on its Alternative Fuel Vehicle Data website. The site includes an overview of trends in the alternative transportation sector, which is updated on an annual basis, as well as interactive data tables with statistics about current and projected vehicles supplied, vehicles in use, and fuel consumption. Please note that the EIA data is published on a two year delay; 2011 information will be posted in April 2013.

Resources for Additional Transportation Statistics and Trend Data

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