The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office’s (VTO’s) Technology Integration Program will host a webinar on a new online tool the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator, developed by Argonne National Laboratory, powered with data from GREET, AFLEET, and EPA-MOVES. Andrew Burnham from Argonne Laboratory will walk attendees through the tool. The tool has features that can assist organizations that are considering options under the VW settlement and can calculate results for three project types allowable under the Environmental Mitigation Trust Settlement:
• Scrappage – purchasing new alternative fuel versus new diesel, plus additional benefit from early retirement of the scrapped vehicle.
• Repower – vehicle after repower versus diesel before repower.
• Clean Vehicle Replacement – new alternative fuel versus diesel.

Registration is required. To attend, register for the webinar with GoToWebinar.

The webinar is open to all so feel free to share with other interested parties.