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Tool makes it easy to explore and compare alternative fuel options

Clean Cities offers a robust collection of tools and publications that help stakeholders deploy alternative fuels and vehicles. One popular tool is the Light-Duty Vehicle Search, a searchable database that allows users to easily find and compare alternative fuel vehicles.

Until recently, consumers and fleet managers looking for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) had just a few options available directly from manufacturers. Today, there are more than 17 million light-duty AFVs on the road,* and a buyer’s options are numerous. For example, the 2014 model year features more than 180 AFV and hybrid electric vehicle models, including more than 85 flex fuel vehicles.

The search tool helps buyers navigate these options. It lists individual vehicle models by fuel type, manufacturer, and class. Better yet, the handy, interactive tool allows you to select multiple vehicles, across multiple model years, and compare them side by side. Select one or more vehicles and the tool provides key information (e.g., fuel economy, engine size, and transmission type) for each model. A quick link to the Vehicle Cost Calculator lets you estimate a vehicle’s total cost of ownership and emissions.

Did you know? The number of cars that can plug in is growing. There are 13 all-electric vehicle models scheduled to hit dealerships in 2014, and 10 plug-in hybrid electric models. Check them out using the Light-Duty Vehicle Search!

* Source: R.L. Polk

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