I-Square, Irondequoit, NY

The Fleet Electrification Workshop took place on Thursday, June 14th at I-Square In Irondequoit, NY. 25 representatives of public and private organizations from around the Northeast attended our event to gain insights on local and national EV adoption and how EVs can serve as practical and financially beneficial components of their fleets. Topics covered included basic EV technology, fleet applications best suited for EVs, technical considerations for vehicles and charging infrastructure, driver education and outreach, and procurement/financing of EVs and infrastructure. Attendees learned about a wide variety of electric fleet vehicles available and observed first-hand how a municipal fleet in the US applied vehicle-specific analytics to replace appropriate vehicles with more cost effective EV counterparts. The event's keynote speaker was the Electrification Coalition's Fleet Expert Ryan Daley. Greater Rochester Clean Cities Coordinator David Keefe and Rochester Electric Vehicle Accelerator Program Lead Carolyn Levine both spoke about the role each of their respective programs play in EV fleet adoption. EV Charge Solutions President Mike Moser spoke about EVSE equipment, station installation, and methods for determining necessary infrastructure. City of Rochester Energy and Sustainability Manager Anne Spaulding spoke about how Rochester has included EV fleet vehicles in their plan to reduce urban emissions and air pollution. The program concluded with a brief Q&A session. Several EVs were parked outside the building for display.